Santiago Dreaming

Unlike West Byfleet, Chile was in revolutionary ferment. In the capital Santiago, the beleaguered but radical marxist government of Salvador Allende, hungry for innovations of all kinds, was employing Simon Beer’s father, Stafford, to conduct a much larger technological experiment of which the meters were only a part. This was known as Project Cybersyn, and nothing like it had been tried before, or has been tried since.

Stafford Beer attempted, in his words, to “implant” an electronic “nervous system” in Chilean society. Voters, workplaces and the government were to be linked together by a new, interactive national communications network, which would transform their relationship into something profoundly more equal and responsive than before – a sort of socialist internet, decades ahead of its time.

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source, The Guardian, UK.
(gracias a Carlos Gaona)

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  1. Carlos dice:

    Santiago Dreaming. Veo eso en el indice, en el epigrafe, en algun lado de esa novela imposible, que entra y sale azarosamente a traves del multiverso.

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